Bill Surry Obituary, Bill Surry Has Passed Away

Bill Surry Death, Obituary – Bill Surry has passed away untimely and unexpectedly leaving friends, loved ones, family, and the entire community heartbroken and in grievance, according to a social media sharing. It would appear that Bill Surry, the busy manager of the Alberni Athletic Association as well as a well-known active volunteer in our community for a number of years, does not have enough time in the day. Recently, we had the chance to meet together with him at a local coffee shop to discuss about the “many hats” he wears (and has worn) as a volunteer, serving a variety of organizations in Port Alberni for decades. During our conversation, we learned about the “many hats” he has worn in the past.

It is encouraging to listen to him describe his involvement in the community while displaying a great deal of enthusiasm as he talks about his busy daily schedule and the time he spends doing things for others, which keeps him remarkably occupied. He also talks about the time he spends doing things for himself, which keeps him remarkably occupied. “I was born and raised right here in Port Alberni, and I worked for 42 years in the pulp mill until I retired in 2008,” said Surry. “I stayed there until I reached the age of retirement.” “I wed the woman who would become my wife, Judy, and we had three children together. One of our adult children resides in Parksville, another in Manitoba, and the third in Port Alberni.” The Alberni Athletic Association, which is also a charitable organization, is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the Athletic Hall.

This multi-use facility is available throughout the year for a broad range of events, from sporting competitions to a variety of other community gatherings and activities. The location is constantly prepared to accommodate people and groups of every age, from senior citizens to younger users. Bookings, upkeep, and general management of the facility are all handled by Surry, who has been in charge of these responsibilities since the new building first opened its doors more than a decade ago. He shows us his notebook as he is outlining the many responsibilities he has. He stated, “The two-level hall is utilized on a consistent basis by a great number of different organizations.”

This includes those who participate in activities such as pickleball and tai-chi, as well as those who attend First Nations events, artisan fairs, rock and gem exhibitions, garage sales, and other similar events. Bowling has been a hobby of Surry’s for a long time, and he was formerly the proprietor of a bowling alley. Due to the fact that he has been participating in this activity for a considerable amount of time, everyone knows that he is an excellent bowler and the recipient of a lot of prizes. When he was 17 years old, he was a young guy who played hockey. He was forced to give up participating in this activity after sustaining an injury while skating on the ice. This did not prevent him from participating in other activities, such as baseball and darts, and he enjoyed doing so.