Austin Fuller Obituary, Austin Fuller M.B.Q. Last surviving WW2 member passed away

Austin Fuller Obituary, Death – It has been asserted that the lone member of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte’s military contingent who served in World War II and who survived the conflict has passed away. Austin Elmer Fuller was a member of the Hastings Prince Edward Regiment for the whole of his time while serving in the service. Fuller was born in Shannonville in 1921, he enlisted in the Canadian Army in 1940, and in the same year he was given a position with the Hasty Ps. 1940 was the year that Fuller’s military duty began.

After making his initial landfall on Pachino Beach in July 1943, he proceeded to fight his way across Sicily, the Italian mainland, and into Holland. Pachino Beach was the location of his initial landing. His participation in the battle came to an end when the Hasty Ps accepted the surrender of the German garrison in Amersfoort, which is a city in the Netherlands. This brought an end to his involvement in the conflict.

After serving his country overseas for more than five years, including serving in active combat from July 1943 until May 1945, he was eventually given a discharge from the permanent service in the year 1945. During this time, he served his country overseas, he was engaged in active combat from July 1943 until May 1945. After having fought for his country in active combat from July 1943 until May 1945, he was eventually given this discharge after serving his country honorably. At the time, Fuller had reached the age of 101.