Steven Gillis Obituary, Steven Gillis has suddenly passed away

Steven Gillis Obituary, Death – Steven Gillis has passed away sadly and untimely which has left the family in serious grief and agony according to social media publication. “Steven Anthony Gillis, who had spent his whole life in Savannah, Georgia, passed away peacefully in the solace of his own home on December 12, 2022. Steven Anthony Gillis had spent his entire life in the city. Steven Anthony Gillis was a native of Savannah and had lived there his whole life.

Steven Anthony Gillis was a local boy who’d spent his whole life in Savannah. He was born and raised there. At that point in time, he had 33 years of experience under his belt. Savannah, Georgia is the city where Steven J. Gillis and Kathleen S. Gillis gave birth to and raised their son Steven. Sadly, both parents have now passed away after their kid was brought up there. The deaths of both of Steven’s parents have occurred at this point.

Steven was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, which is also the city in which he was named. The birthday celebrations for neither of his parents can take place in this house at the moment because neither of his parents can make it.”