Sharon Henderson Obituary, Sharon Henderson GoFundMe page

Sharon Henderson Obituary, Death – Sharon Henderson has reportedly died leaving family and loved ones in agony and grief, according to a GoFundMe page. The demise of a gentle and well-mannered soul who was loved by many and will be sorely mourned has occurred today. This enables a significant number of people to refer to her in all three of those categories because she can be a significant number of people’s wives, mothers, or sisters. T

hose of us who were Sharon’s closest friends and family members agree that she was one of the most honest, caring, and kind people that anyone could possibly have the opportunity to cross paths with in their lifetime. Sharon was also one of the kindest and most charitable people that anyone would ever get the opportunity to interact with.

By means of this letter, I would like to respectfully request financial assistance from you in order to meet the costs associated with the burial. Thank you in advance for considering my request. I am grateful to you for giving this topic your consideration. As a result of the fact that her husband Bigun recently underwent open-heart surgery, he is currently unable to go back to work while he is healing from the procedure.

She has been taking care of the household tasks while Bigun has been gone so that he may concentrate on his rehabilitation. This has been a huge help.