Roberta Thibodeaux Obituary, Roberta Thibodeaux has sadly passed away

Roberta Thibodeaux Obituary, Death – Roberta Thibodeaux has sadly died unexpectedly, leaving loved ones and family and entire community in grief and agony according to an online share. “Roberta “Berta” Thibodeaux, a member of our very own community, was taken away from us this afternoon in a manner that was unanticipated and under circumstances that are difficult to comprehend. AccuTox is doing all in its power to distribute this knowledge, but it is doing it with a sad heart.

The company is deeply concerned about the future of the industry. Berta started working at AccuTox in February 2009, first filling the role of receptionist for the company. In this role, Berta was responsible for greeting customers and answering their questions. She was offered a promotion to the Billing Department after rapidly climbing the levels of the company and eventually being given the opportunity to work there.

She has shown herself to be an extremely valuable contributor ever since she was given that work, which resulted in her being promoted to a higher position. Her commitment, work ethic, loyalty, and friendship were all qualities that everyone respected, and she will be deeply missed by all of those who knew her and worked with her. During this difficult time, her husband, Kenneth, and the rest of her family are in our thoughts and prayers. We are keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.

We are aware that they are going through a difficult moment right now. While we keep them in our thoughts and pray for them, we never stop doing so while they are in the room with us.”