Phyllis Schroeder Obituary Omaha, Nebraska, Phyllis Schroeder has sadly died

Phyllis Schroeder Death, Obituary – Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Phyllis Schroeder of Omaha, Nebraska, who has passed away untimely and unexpectedly. Phyllis moved to Bedford in 1945 and enrolled at Bedford High School, where she achieved academic success and was honored as valedictorian in 1953. Phyllis graduated from Bedford High School.

Before she got married and started a family in Bedford, she spent some time as a student at Kent State University. After that, she moved to Bedford with her family. Animals were mom’s number one interest in life. She never passed up an opportunity to feed the local birds, deer, and any other animals that managed to come across her route in the area.

She took in strays on a regular basis and always had at least one dog with her. Her children, Lauri and Tom, are the ones who will remember her most fondly (Jeanette). In addition, she is survived by her nine grandchildren, whose names are as follows: the late Mario (Julie), Katherine, Elizabeth (Josh), Joshua, Kristi (Michael), Jason, Christopher (Lisa), Jonathon (Lydia), and Olivia. Her great-grandson, Mario, is also survived by his wife, Julie.

The woman who was married to her son Mario, Julie, also survives. She had nine great-grandchildren, and their names were Elias, Lena, Tatum, Camdyn, Amara, Gavin, and Ngozi, in that order. Eleanor was her ninth great-grandchild. Her tenth great-grandchild was a boy named Benson. She is regarded as a beloved aunt by both Kimberly and Brian.