Penny Stewart Obituary Winston-Salem, NC, Penny Stewart reportedly died at age 52

Penny Stewart Obituary, Death – Penny Lynette Stewart of Winston-Salem, formerly of Hickory, has sadly passed away at age 52 on Sunday, December 4, 2022, unexpectedly leaving loved ones and family in grief and agony.┬áPenny found that her time spent working as a bus driver for Anderson Community Schools was not only fruitful but also enjoyable while she was employed there. Penny made this discovery while she was working for Anderson Community Schools. This held true throughout Penny’s entire time spent working for the company in its various capacities.

She was born in the city of Anderson and attended Pendleton Heights High School to earn her high school diploma. Anderson is also the location of her birth. She fulfilled all of the requirements necessary to earn her high school diploma. Her son Bradley Chappell, who lives in Anderson, and her other son, Mike Haynes, who lives in the same city, as well as her sister Sandy Pierce, who lives in Middletown, and her brother Harold Vest, who lives in Somerset, Kentucky, are among those who are able to carry on her legacy after her passing.

She passed away on January 15, 2019, which was a terrible loss. Her mother Helen Vest of Somerset, Kentucky, and her father Harold Vest of Somerset, Kentucky, both of whom are survivors, are both included in this group. She was her parents’ only child and the only child they ever had. Penny’s mother, Wanda (Dowden) Vest, her brother, Ivan Haynes, and her husband, Lionel Stewart, all passed away before she did. Penny also lost her husband before she did. Penny is the only one of the three people who made it through this ordeal without suffering any kind of injury.

Penny once attended the Canton Baptist Church and worked as a chef at the Lake Barkley State Resort Park. She also used to go to that church. Both of these were things that she did on a regular basis. Penny was also a frequent visitor at both of these establishments on a consistent basis. In addition to that, we noticed her at the local church where we both attend. She had a deep love for every member of her family, but most of all for her children and grandchildren, and because of this, she made the most of the time she was able to spend with them. She held dear every moment that she was able to spend with them.