Nancy Barragan Obituary, Nancy Barragan Has Passed Away

Nancy Barragan Death, Obituary – Nancy Barragan has passed away untimely and unexpectedly leaving friends, loved ones, family, and the entire community heartbroken and in grievance, according to a social media sharing. Family members have informed the California College Republicans (CCR) and the California Federation of College Republicans (CFCR) that Nancy Barragan, CCR Southern Bay Area Representative and San Mateo Republican Party Executive Director, passed away on December 15 from natural causes unrelated to vaccinations. She passed away peacefully in her sleep.

Her age was 35. The unfortunate and unexpected passing of Barragan is the first documented death of a member of the CCR Executive Committee who was serving at the time throughout the organization’s 59-year history. The Executive Committees of the CCR and CFCR have acted swiftly in order to provide members with counseling and assistance, as well as to plan transportation to the burial ceremony, and they have taken these measures immediately. During this difficult time, the organizations are requesting that people of the community pray for Nancy, her family and friends, as well as the members of the College Republican membership.

In addition, the CCR is going to establish a scholarship fund in her name for College Republicans who are in need of financial assistance. The following statement was issued in a joint capacity by Nate Bymel, Chairman of the CCR, and David Chan, Chairman of the CFCR: “Nancy was known for having a fiery personality and an unrivaled level of passion in the CRS, both of which she used to advance conservative principles and our organizations. In addition to these qualities, she was intelligent, loving, and kind, and she was always looking for ways to help her fellow group members.” In the recent weeks, Nancy was overjoyed to learn that she would be selected as the new Executive Director of the San Mateo GOP, and she also intended to seek for the position of Vice Chairwoman of CCR;

She also felt an overwhelming sense of delight and enthusiasm about the future. We are disappointed that Nancy will not have the opportunity to pursue the political career of which she has always dreamt, but we have faith that we can fulfill her objectives and aims in some other way.” Nancy saw the CRS as an extension of both her house and her family, and we, in turn, thought of her as a member of the CR extended family. We are devastated by this loss, but we are committed to doing all in our power to be there for Nancy’s family and friends at this difficult time. We pray that the all-powerful God would provide us the serenity to rest in the knowledge that He is holding her in his loving arms. And let this serve as a lesson to us all that we should treasure the time we have with our loved ones and keep them near to us while we still can throughout the holiday season.”