Mike Antell Obituary, man tragically died in car accident

Mike Antell Obituary, Death – Mike Antell has reportedly passed away unexpectedly leaving family and loved ones in agony and grief. Mike was involved in a terrible car accident as he was driving home from his job at NFL Films in the early morning hours of December 16th. The accident left him with serious injuries. As a consequence of the injuries he sustained, he passed away. Everyone who had the good fortune to know Mike felt nothing but love and admiration for him. Mike was admired and loved by everyone who knew him. Everyone looked up to Mike and loved having him around.

He had a strong yearning to be the best version of himself that he could be and to achieve the best results he could in all aspects of his life and in all of his endeavors. He wanted to be the best version of himself. The intensity with which he cherished and provided for his family was undoubtedly the trait that stood out the most among these. They were at the top of his list of concerns. They were the most important thing on his mind at the time. He looked up to his parents in awe and reverence, and he made it a point to model his own life after the zeal and dedication with which they had brought him up. He felt a profound love and reverence for his parents. In additiona to that, he held a great deal of esteem for them.

Mike had spent his entire life within the embrace of his parents, and when he first met Becca and Caroline, he eagerly welcomed them into that loving embrace. Mike had spent his entire life within the embrace of his parents. Mike never knew anything other than being held close by his mother and father. Mike spent his entire life ensconced in that embrace; it was his constant companion. Becca, Mike, and Caroline formed their own little family very quickly after they got together, and they are about to become a foursome with the addition of a baby boy named Samuel.

Mike’s happiness knew no bounds as he held his young son Sammy close to his heart and encircled him in his arms. Sammy was Mike’s first child. Mike was the kind of man who would go out of his way to assist other people and would always put their needs before his own first, even if it meant going out of his way. He was not a very selfish person. Mike is a loving and devoted son, husband, and father.

He is also a family man and the best friend of his family. He is a proud graduate of Temple University; he works hard as an NFL producer; he is an assistant soccer coach; he is a lover of knowledge; he is a gifted writer and storyteller; he is an avid supporter of Philadelphia sports teams (especially the Eagles); he is a lover of knowledge; he is a gifted writer and storyteller; he is a gifted writer and storyteller; he is Mike is also a devoted fan of the sports teams that represent the city of Philadelphia, most notably the Eagles. It is impossible to adequately describe Mike, but some of the significant roles that he has played in the past are as follows: