Keith Pierce Obituary, Keith Pierce has passed away

Keith Pierce Obituary, Death – Keith Pierce has reportedly died leaving family and loved ones in agony and grief, according to an online publication. “The news of Keith Pierce’s passing came to me yesterday, on the 18th of December, and it rendered me unable to articulate my emotions and rendered me inconsolable. I was taken totally by surprise by how sudden and shockingly swift the passing was, and it took me off guard completely.

In spite of the anguish I’m experiencing and the weight that’s been put on my shoulders, I will share this information with each and every one of you. At this point, the date of the memorial ceremony, which has been provisionally planned to take place on December 26 at the Memorial Building in Benjamin, is merely one that has been set provisionally. The memorial service is going to be held in honor of everyone who has just passed away following the recent tragic event.

Any new information that comes to my attention will be added to this website as soon as it is available as soon as I am able to do so when the chance presents itself. My thoughts and prayers are with Keith’s family as well as his friends and anybody else who loved him as if he were a member of their own family as they go through this trying time.”