Kanida Phanthourath Obituary Springfield, pedestrian tragically killed in motor accident

Kanida Phanthourath Obituary, Death – Kanida Phanthourath of Springfield has reportedly died at age 33 in a motor accident leaving family and loved ones in agony and grief, according to an online publication. “Statement to the Media Regarding Declaratory Issues 12/15/2022. On December 13, 2022, a female pedestrian was struck and killed by a motor vehicle on Durkin Drive near Lawrence Avenue in Springfield. The location was near the Lawrence Avenue neighborhood. The identity of the victim has been established, and it was confirmed that she passed away as a result of the injuries she sustained.

Jim Allmon, who is currently employed by the Sangamon County government as the county’s coroner, was the one who made the identification. On December 14, 2022, at 5:54 in the morning, the staff at Springfield Memorial Hospital informed Kanida Phanthourath’s family that she had passed away. The date and time of her passing were not disclosed. Kanida Phanthourath had 33 years of age and was a native of the city of Springfield.

Ms. Phanthourath underwent an autopsy this morning, and the preliminary findings suggest that she died as a result of multiple blunt force injuries sustained in a collision between a pedestrian and a motor vehicle. Her body was examined, and the findings suggest that she passed away this morning. This morning, the autopsy was carried out, and this morning, the preliminary findings were discovered. Both the Sangamon County Coroner’s Office and the Springfield Police Department are currently carrying on with their individual investigations into the death as of right now.”