Joyce Baker Obituary, wife of long-time Club Member has passed away – Death

Joyce Baker Death, Obituary – The White Hall Drag-O-Way has been around for 63 years, and in that time, its members have witnessed a tremendous lot of happiness and participated in numerous occasions that will remain ingrained in their memory for a very long time. Despite this, not every get-together is the type that is full with smiling and laughing faces. Following the heartbreaking discovery that one of our own has passed away, each and every one of us has fallen into an unfathomable state of misery. Mrs. Joyce Baker, who had been married to Club Member Ed Baker for many years, passed away on Sunday evening in Quincy.

Mrs. Joyce Baker had lived in Quincy for a long time. Mrs. Joyce Baker had called Quincy home for a significant amount of time. Ed and Joyce have been an important part of our marketing team from the very beginning of our efforts to promote our event, and they continue to play that role to this very day. This is a function that they continue to serve to this very day. She was a wonderful lady with a smile that was always there, even when she was being bad, and it was easy for people to catch it from her because she exuded it so naturally. We are going to feel a profound loss when she leaves us. Our deepest condolences go out to Ed, as well as Tracy, David, and Amy, and the rest of their family. We are sorry for their loss. We are deeply saddened by the loss that they have suffered.