Janice Freeman Obituary Pasadena, California, “The Voice” Contestant died at aged 33

Janice Freeman Obituary, Death – Janice Freeman of Pasadena, California, “The Voice” Contestant has sadly passed away at aged 33 unexpectedly leaving loved ones and family in grief and agony. According to her family, Janice Freeman, who was a contestant on the thirteenth season of “The Voice,” passed away on Saturday in Pasadena, California due to complications that resulted from a severe case of pneumonia and a blood clot that made its way to her heart. She had been battling both of these conditions for quite some time. On the show, Janice Freeman competed against other contestants. 33 years old at the time when the event occurred.

It was reported that she told her family on Saturday afternoon that she was struggling to breathe properly, at which point her husband Dion began performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on her. Her family thinks that the illness that she suffered from ultimately led to her passing away. He dialed 911 and continued to administer chest compressions to her until emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene.

Freeman was not able to survive his ordeal at the medical facility and was pronounced dead there. It is the consensus of the medical professionals that the cause of death was a blood clot that had developed in her lungs prior to her passing away. In the year 2017, Freeman appeared on an episode of “The Voice” as a special guest. Her rendition of Imagine Dragons’s “Radioactive,” which was emotionally charged, caused the coaches Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus to turn their chairs during the portion of the competition known as the blind audition. After making up her own mind to do so, she voluntarily became a member of the group that Cyrus was in charge of and looked to her for guidance after making the decision to do so on her own.

According to members of Freeman’s family, despite the fact that Freeman finished the season in 11th place, he continued to receive a great deal of support from Miley Cyrus in the form of a friendly friendship. This was the case despite the fact that Freeman had finished the season in 11th place. During the time that Freeman was undergoing treatment for lupus, meningitis, and cervical cancer, Cyrus provided her with financial support, as Freeman mentioned in an interview that took place in January of 2018. All of these conditions were ultimately overcome by Freeman.