Greg Quinn Obituary, Greg Quinn Go Fund Me Page

Greg Quinn Death, Obituary – Tragically and unexpectedly, Greg Quinn, a much-loved husband, father, umpire, and friend, passed away over the weekend while on vacation with his wife Melissa and son Kyle. Greg’s death came as a shock to everyone. He has reached the age of 38. This page is dedicated to the goal of raising money to aid Greg’s family in fulfilling their financial commitments during the Christmas season, as well as in covering the costs of the funeral and hospitalization of Greg.

The following is a quote from Melissa, which can be seen on her website: “I have been taking my time, in order to attempt to come up with the proper words to convey how I am feeling, as well as how Kyle Quinn is feeling.” I am going through such a diverse collection of emotions right now that it is difficult for me to discern whether path is the correct one or even which direction is upward at this precise moment.

Since I still do not have the correct words to describe how I am sensation right now, I will just stick to the facts for the time being, until I can think of the right words to tell how I am truly sensation right now. I would like to offer my sincere apologies for any trouble this may create. “To cut a long story short, Greg Quinn is the one responsible for our baby and my continued existence in this world today. He prevented us from dying.”

Greg came to our rescue just in the nick of time on Friday night when Kyle and I were in imminent danger of drowning in an indoor pool. Greg gave his life in the hope that he could save Kyle and I, but he was ultimately unsuccessful. He willingly gave up his life in order to shield Kyle and I from harm. This is something that I am having a lot of trouble with at the moment. It seems just like a nightmare, but despite my best efforts, I can’t seem to wake up from it no matter how long I stay awake.

Love and prayers are the most vital things for us to have right now, not only for Kyle and I, but also for our families and Greg’s families. This goes for both of our families.