Evelyn Ruiz Obituary Hamden CT, Evelyn Ruiz has reportedly passed away

Evelyn Ruiz Death, Obituary – It is with a heavy heart that we learned Evelyn Ruiz of Hamden Connecticut has died sadly and unexpectedly leaving loved ones in pain, agony, and sadness. In 1971, Evelyn graduated from Washington High School, and four years later, in 1974, she received her degree from the University of Whitewater. Both schools can be found in Whitewater, which is in the state of Wisconsin.

Evelyn devoted her entire career to serving the customers of the company where she was worked, where she held the position of customer service relations specialist. Throughout her whole career, Evelyn was employed by Fox Jewelers for a combined total of twenty years. In addition to that, she was an employee at the Mitchell Street Bank right up until the day she retired in the year 2003.

She was employed there up to the time that she was eligible for retirement. Evelyn volunteered at the church for a wide array of events and programs over the course of her stay there. In addition to that, she volunteered her time there. Which includes the Church Daycare, Children’s Bible Ministry, as well as Holiday Programs for the church as a whole. The sharing of her faith in Jesus Christ was Evelyn’s primary motivation in life.

Ethan St. John, Madi Ruiz, Lavelo Davetre McClain Jr., and Desi Andre McClain are the members of the team. After Evelyn’s passing, she is survived by her daughter, Portia McClain, as well as other children. When she passes away, she will also be leaving behind her six grandchildren.