Billie Barnard Obituary Cabot, AR, Motorcycle accident reportedly killed one

Billie Barnard Obituary, Death – Billie Barnard of Cabot, AR, has reportedly died untimely and unexpectedly leaving family and loved ones in agony and grief. William V. Barnard passed away on July 19, 2010, at the age of 62, in the coziness and comfort of his own home. He was surrounded by members of his loving family who cared for him throughout his final days. He was surrounded by the people who meant the most to him in the world. On June 30, 1948, his parents, Vincent Barnard and Shirley Sexton, proudly announced the arrival of their son into the world. Shirley was chosen to honor the fact that he was their firstborn child.

Due to the fact that Billie and the woman who was formerly known to him as Sandra Walters exchanged their vows during the wedding ceremony that took place on September 8, 1979, they were subsequently recognized by the state as being married as a consequence of the event. Because of his illness, he came to the conclusion in 2008 that the best thing for him to do was to retire from his job as a corrections officer at the Midstate Correctional Facility, where he had been employed for a significant amount of time.

At one point in time, the administration of the Galliano Club considered him to be a member of the club, even though he had not paid his dues. Bowling and golf were two of Billie’s favorite sports, but he participated in a wide range of athletic competitions and enjoyed them all. On the whole, however, he was an avid sports fan. Along with the wonderful recollections he has of the journeys he has been on and the people he has met throughout the course of his life, he also used to derive a great deal of pleasure from spending time on his motorcycle with his wife Sandra.

In addition, he has wonderful recollections of the people he has met along the way. Being with his family, particularly his granddaughter Claire, was his true life’s passion, and he cherished the time he got to spend with them. His true life’s passion was being with his family. That was the point in time that resonated with him the most. Billie discovered that attending all of Claire’s performances, be they in the realm of music or athletics, provided him with a great deal of enjoyment. This was the case regardless of the type of performance.

Billie is survived by his loving wife, Sandra; his daughter and son-in-law, Amy and Kevin Fiore of Rome; his sister, Joan Zuzolo of Spring Valley; his cherished granddaughter, Claire; his niece and nephews, Jenna, Kevin, and Andy Zuzolo; and a large number of wonderful friends and co-workers. Billie also leaves behind a large number of wonderful friends and co-workers. In addition, Billie is going to be missed by a large number of cherished friends and colleagues. In addition, Billie will be remembered fondly by a large number of people who counted him among their most treasured friends and professional colleagues.

On Friday, at 10:30 in the morning, the Barry Funeral Home will be the location of the funeral services that will be held. The deceased person will finally be allowed to rest in peace. In case you were wondering where the funeral home is situated, you can find it at 807 W. Chestnut Street. Evergreen Cemetery is going to be the location of the funeral and burial services for the deceased. During the visitation on Thursday, family members and friends of the person who passed away are invited to pay their respects at the funeral home between the hours of 4 and 8 o’clock in the evening.