Aunty Rosie Obituary, Aunty Rosie has died – Death

Aunty Rosie Obituary, Death – Aunty Rosie has passed away sadly and untimely which has left the family in serious grief and agony according to social media publication. “We are all in a state of sadness as a result of the tragic news that Aunty Rosie, a well-known and much-loved member of the Kings Cross community, died away the other night. Aunty Rosie was well-liked by the residents of the Kings Cross neighborhood and was a familiar face at Wayside for a considerable amount of time.

She lived in the neighborhood for a lot of years. In addition to that, she devoted a significant portion of her time there to volunteer work. A memorial that was erected in honor of Aunty Rosie can be found at the Wayside Chapel, which is located at 29 Hughes Street in Potts Point. The address for the chapel is also 29 Hughes Street.

You may go into the chapel by going through the café that’s located on the ground floor. Everyone who wishes to pay their respects to the departed by paying a visit to the monument, writing in the guest book, or laying a wreath or flower arrangement on the altar is more than welcome to do so. The memorial is located in the same location as the deceased person’s home.

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