Tony McGinnis Obituary, Tony McGinnis Funeral Notice

Tony McGinnis Death, Obituary – has reportedly passed away unexpectedly leaving family and loved ones in agony and grief. On Friday, December 16, 2022, at the age of 56, Tony B. McGinnis died away at Garrison as a direct consequence of injuries he got as a direct result of being involved in an accident that included a motor vehicle. He called the town of Vanceburg his home.

On October 26th, 1966, Tony McGinnis was born in the city of Portsmouth, which is located in the state of Ohio. Before he was ever conceived, both of his parents, William “Bob” McGinnis and Phyllis Blair McGinnis had already died away. His whole life was spent toiling away in the construction industry, and he was a committed disciple of the Pentecostal church his whole life.

The McGinnis family has several members still living today, including two children, Sierra Osborne of Tennessee and Emily McGinnis of Ohio; three brothers, Clifford (Jennifer) McGinnis, George (Ava) McGinnis, and Chuck McGinnis, all of Maysville; two sisters, Florence Lawson of Ironton, Ohio, and Leona Williams of Canton, Illinois; and three brothers.

His four sisters, Elizabeth Cornett, Peggy DeBoard, Jennie Pearl Workman, and Phoebe Ann Workman, as well as his five brothers, William McGinnis, Robert Workman, John Amon Workman, Robert McGinnis, and Rex “Butch” Workman, all passed away before him. Elizabeth Cornett, Peggy DeBoard, Jennie Pearl Workman, and Phoebe Ann Workman were his immediate family members who died before him. Peggy DeBoard, Jennie Pearl Workman, and Phoebe Ann were among his four sisters who passed away before he did.

His parents, all passed away before he did. Both of his parents perished away when he was still a little boy. He never got to say goodbye to them. The family of the individual who passed away has asked that there be no visitation or funeral service held in their honor at this time. It is up to the family to determine whether a funeral or memorial ceremony will be held, but only one of the two options will be carried out. At this juncture, the Gaydos Funeral Home in Vanceburg is the organization that is tasked with being responsible for completing the essential arrangements.