Rocky Paladino Obituary, has passed away – Death

Rocky Paladino Death, Obituary – Rocky Paladino, who was the father of Christy Paladino Ward and Carol Habarka, both of whom are active participants in the church, passed away yesterday at the age of 92. Christy is Christy Paladino Ward’s daughter, and Carol Habarka is Rocky Paladino’s daughter. Carol Habarka is Rocky Paladino’s daughter, and Christy Paladino Ward is Rocky’s daughter.

Christy is Christy’s daughter. Christy Paladino Ward is another one of Rocky Paladino’s daughters, while Carol Habarka is one of Rocky’s daughters. Christy is Christy’s daughter.  Because Christy is Carol’s mother, the two of them share a common ancestor and might be deemed to be each other’s offspring due to their biological connection. Please offer some prayers for his family so that they can find some comfort and peace during this trying time. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Your assistance is vitally needed and sincerely appreciated. Your support is greatly appreciated and absolutely necessary at this time. Lord, may you bestow upon him the kind of tranquility that endures till the very end of time, and may the light that shines throughout eternity shine upon him at all times. In your name, I pray for both of these things to come to pass. After he has passed away, it is my hope and prayer that he would be able to rest in tranquility for the length of eternity. December 19, 2022, I want God to bless him with the kind of inner calm that can’t be put into words. Please hear my prayer.