Peter Hawkins Obituary, Peter Hawkins Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Peter Hawkins Death, Obituary – Peter Hawkins has passed away untimely and unexpectedly leaving friends, loved ones, family, and the entire community heartbroken and in grievance, according to a social media sharing. Peter Alfred Hawkins, who lived in Wilberforce and had reached the age of 91 at the time of his dying, died away unexpectedly at his house on December 16, 2022. He had been a resident of Wilberforce for the most of his life. The inability of the heart to function properly was the cause of death.

He had been putting up with the side affects of his illness for some time at that point. The day that Peter was born, December 29, 1930, also served as the day that he made his first appearance in history. Peter came into the world on the same day that he entered the record books. Margaret’s kind and loving friend in every manner, in every area A guy who is overjoyed to be spending time with his daughters and their families, as well as the father of Janice and Daphne, both of whom are equally happy to be spending time with their father.

They will be held in the greatest respect for all of time, and the people who were there for them will remember them with love in their hearts while doing so. They will be held in the highest esteem for all of time. They will always be regarded with the utmost reverence throughout all of history. The memorial ceremony for Peter will be held at his gravesite at Wilberforce Cemetery on Thursday, December 22nd, 2022 at 10:00am. Wilberforce Cemetery is located in Wilberforce at 49 Clergy Road. The date and time of the event have not yet been determined.

There has been no decision made on the timing or date of the memorial service. There is currently no plan in place about the time or date of the funeral ceremony, and no decision has been taken regarding this matter. In addition to Peter’s other friends and acquaintances, those persons who enjoyed a particularly close connection with Peter have been extended a sincere invitation to join his burial service. This offer comes from the heart. It will take place at the site of his burial, so it will serve as its setting.

You will be able to determine the precise location of the cemetery that you are searching for if you go to Wilberforce. This town is the one that everyone wants to visit.