Michael Hapbell Obituary, Michael Hapbell Funeral Notice

Michael Hapbell Death, Obituary – Michael Hapbell On December 13, 2022, Michael Wayne Hapbell, a citizen of Cumberland who had 52 years of age at the time of his departure, was taken from this world. Michael Wayne Hapbell was a victim of this tragic event. Rosella (Conrad) Tharpe, a native of Cresaptown, Maryland, and Derwood Hapbell, a native of Wiley Ford, West Virginia, were his parents.

Rosella was his mother, and Derwood was his father. He was his parents’ son. In the year 1970, on January 1st, he came into this world in the city of Cumberland, in the state of Maryland. Mike spent his whole youth in Baltimore, Maryland, where he was born and reared. He is a native of that city. After that, he enjoyed great success in his job as a building manager.

His surviving family members include his wife of seven years, Dawn Michelle (Davis) Hapbell; his son, Joseph Hoffman and his wife, Mikayla; his stepchildren, Felicity Dix, Samantha Rottman, and Caleb Dreyer; his grandchildren, Michael, Makayla, Deanna, Jordan, Karla, and Thomas; and his brothers, Derwood Hapbell, Paul Hapbell, Neil Tharpe and his wife, Kristi, and Darrin. He also survived His original parents are also still alive and well now. In addition, Mike has a considerable number of nieces and nephews who adore him and will grieve deeply for him when he is gone.

On the evening of Wednesday, December 21, 2022, friends and family will be welcome to pay their respects at the Scarpelli Funeral Home, P.A., which is located in the city of Cumberland at 108 Virginia Avenue. The visitation will take place in the evening, beginning at four in the afternoon and continuing until seven o’clock. After that, at seven in the evening, there will be a memorial ceremony performed in honor of the individual who has passed away.

Since Mike made it clear that he wanted his corpse cremated after the funeral, we would honor his request and carry out the procedure in accordance with his desires.