Mary Opsahl Obituary, Mary Opsahl Funeral Details

Mary Opsahl Death, Obituary -On October 21, 1963, in the city of Faribault, Minnesota, Mary Splett was brought into the world by her parents, Melvin and Kathleen (Biggins) Splett. She graduated from Waterville-Elysian School in 1982. She attended the school. She took part in a variety of extracurricular activities during her school years, including volleyball, basketball, softball, chorus, and band.

As a consequence of this, she emerged from high school with a wealth of enduring memories and a solid group of friends that she maintains to this day. She went on to pursue a degree in education at Mankato State University, from which she ultimately graduated. Mary worked in the field of education for the entirety of her life. Before she retires in 2022, she will have spent her career as an educator in the Cleveland, Montgomery, and Waseca school systems, fulfilling her life’s objective of having an impact on young adults.

Mary was a driver’s education instructor and spent her summers in the classroom educating students behind the wheel. For the past 17 years, Mary has served on the Elysian City Council. Mary was a wonderful grandma, wife, mother, sister, and friend, and she will be much missed by all of the people in her life, including her family and friends. Mary had a strong affection for her family and was always there for them whenever anyone had a need.

She was in charge of party planning and enjoyed organizing and hosting family gatherings, especially celebrations of the Fourth of July when everyone was always welcome. She served as the cohesive force that kept the family unit together. Mary led a rich and active life, and she cherished the time she got to spend with her children. She liked going hiking, canoeing, tubing down the river, fishing for trout, going on adventures, watching the Minnesota Vikings, and going to the Winstock music festival every year. She absolutely adored her fresh tomatoes and found great satisfaction in preserving tomatoes and cucumbers in jars.