Mary Blackman Obituary, Mary Blackman has passed away

Mary Blackman Death, Obituary – My grandmother Mary Blackman peacefully left us this morning. In the annals of female labor, Mary Mom occupies a prominent place. She played the organ, wrote a children’s musical, made jams and jellies, and loved Jesus all the way into her 70s. Her actions were motivated by her love for Jesus Christ.
It was her forte to craft beautiful calligraphic texts. Her laughter was hearty and contagious.

She was valedictorian of her high school class and a star athlete and photographer. The Christmas presents she gave out were really generous. It’s possible that her scolding will consist of a few choice words. It was really tough when I went to see her in September. She lived in a nursing home where she was mute, frail, silent, and motionless.

I held her hand, sang to her, and cried as I looked at pictures of the boys and myself that adorned the mantel in her tiny bedroom. It made me cry. I told her how happy Eric and I are to be married and updated her on my musical endeavors. She opened her eyes and looked at me as if trying to place who had just called her as I yelled her name. She told me she loved me while kissing my hand and then let go of my hand.

I wrote this song at the Cefco lot not even two miles from the nursing home and gave it to my mom and my siblings to give her a lift. Choral Anthem in Honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary It took everything I had in me to make the journey to Brownwood. On my route to the Songbird Lodge in Early, Texas, where she was staying at the time, I stopped in Dallas and Stephenville. However, I found it difficult to articulate my thoughts.

I almost said that I’m the granddaughter she’s known the longest because I’m the eldest of all her grandchildren. And here I was, turning 44 years old, with my own kids approaching adulthood, and she couldn’t even place them. Marymom, I adore you. This is from our trip to the area in 2021 for Covid.