Jerry Pastorius Obituary, Jerry Pastorius reportedly passed away

Jerry Pastorius Death, Obituary – On the evening of Wednesday, December 14, 2022, Jerry L. Pastorius, Sr. died away at his home in Terre Haute, Indiana. He had lived in Indiana all his life and had reached the age of 83 when he passed away. His passing was calm and undisturbed by any turmoil. The late Jerry L. Pastorius, Sr. considered the State of Indiana his home before he passed away. During that time, he called the state of Indiana home as his primary residence.

Jerry Pastorius earned his high school certificate in 1957 after graduating from the same high school that he had attended the previous year, 1957. One of the people he is going to leave behind is the lady he has been married to for the past 67 years, and her name is Vivian L. Haase Pastorius. In addition, he is survived by his one brother, William “Bill” Pastorius; his three children, Karen (Rod), Debbie (Steve), and Jerry Jr. (Dena); his seven grandkids, Kimberly Milner (David), Joshua McLin (Alisha), Brian Riggs, and Codey Pastorius; and his wife, Dena Pastorius.

Before Jerry was even conceived, both of his parents, William and Iola Pastorius, as well as his sister, Judy Pastorius, and two brothers-in-law, Gary Haase and Kenny Haase had passed away. Jerry’s birth was also preceded by the passing of his sister, Judy Pastorius. When Jerry was born, all of Jerry’s other relatives, with the exception of his grandparents, had already passed away.

Jerry was not successful in outliving any of his other relatives in the family. In addition to this, Judy Pastorius was bereft with the passing of both of her brothers-in-law, Gary and Kenny Haase. She felt a profound feeling of loss as a result of this. In addition, Jerry’s sister Judy Pastorius, who passed away before him, is regarded to be a member of Jerry’s extended family who has died before him.