Jared Pinkard Obituary, Jared Pinkard has passed away – Death

Today, we are going to share with you some knowledge that has left a deep imprint on both of our hearts, and we hope that it will do the same for you. During the weekend before last, Jared Pinkard, a much-loved family member who resided in the Chapman Hill neighborhood, passed away unexpectedly as a result of complications related to an illness for which the cause could not be determined. Jared’s untimely departure was a tragic loss for his loved ones.

He was a superb craftsman in his own right in addition to having a loving and caring heart. He worked hard at whatever he did. His friendships were strong and endured for a long time. I genuinely hope that anytime you find yourselves in the neighborhood of our Groom’s Cottage, you will keep him in your thoughts and prayers and remember him whenever you are there. To put it another way, he was the individual who oversaw the majority of the building’s development from start to finish.

We all made contributions here and there, but after a recent talk I had with him, I am confident that this project represents the pinnacle of his building career.  I say this because we all made contributions here and there. Every single one of us made some sort of input. Every single one of us contributed in some way to the overall effort. It is difficult to put into words the joy we feel at his successes.

When Jared is not present on a daily, weekly, or even more frequent basis, we are going to miss having him around. It was impossible to ignore the positive attitude he exuded and the hopeful outlook he maintained.  Please pray for Jared’s family and friends, as well as for all of us here at Chapman Hill, as we struggle to acclimate to life without Jared. This is a difficult time for all of us here at Chapman Hill.