Heather Gillis Obituary Prince Edward Island, CN, Heather Gillis has died suddenly

Heather Gillis Death, Obituary – Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Heather Gillis of Prince Edward Island, Canada, who has passed away untimely and unexpectedly. The family wishes for everyone to be aware that Heather, who was 25 years old at the time of her untimely death on May 29, 2021, the family would have for everyone to know.

As they break the news to you, they want to express their most heartfelt condolences and give their support. After being separated for a considerable amount of time, Stella and her mother have reconciled after being reunited. Stella is Heather’s daughter. A devoted youngster who has profound feelings of love and concern for her parents, Allan and Kim; a cherished older sister to Sarah (Matt), in addition to Brad; (Ashley).

She is the aunt of Rayne, Korbin, Aly, Tyson, and Phoniex, as well as Harlow and Harper, and she takes a great deal of pride in her nieces and nephews. When she passes away, one of her closest friends, Amelia, along with her cats Salem and Sadie, will miss her in a significant way.

OSHAWA FUNERAL HOME was chosen as the venue for the memorial service that was held privately in honor of the deceased. A memorial service in Heather’s honor will be held in the future at a time that is mutually convenient for all of us. At that time, we will all get together.