Harriett Foley Obituary, Harriett Foley Has Peacefully Passed Away

Harriett Foley Death, Obituary – Harriett Foley has sadly passed away unexpectedly with loved ones, family and the entire community left heartbroken and in grievance, according to an online publication. On Monday, December 12, 2022, Harry Warden Foley passed away due to his illness. Harriett Glover Foley, a graduate of the class of 1954, was his wife. They decided to be married. They were longtime friends who had spent a lot of time together.

Since 1954, Harry and Harriett have been enjoying every aspect of their life together as husband and wife. The ultimate spouse of Harriett Glover Foley was a guy named Harry Warden Foley, who tied the knot with her. It was typical for others to refer to him as Harry. After some time spent together as husband and wife, Harriett Glover Foley and Harry Warden Foley decided to stop their marriage and obtain a divorce after they had been married for some time.

In memory of a family member who had gone away the previous day, a funeral ceremony was performed on the 16th of December at noon in honor of the deceased. This member of the family had been ailing for some time before they passed away the previous day. Green Hill Cemetery in the city of Berryville, which is located in the state of Virginia in the United States of America, was the location of the event. On the day when the event was set to take place, it was mentioned that it would begin at noon on that day.

This point would mark the beginning of the event in an official capacity. Instead of sending flowers, you might want to consider giving a gift to the American Legion Post 24 in Alexandria, Virginia, the Berryville VFW Post 9760, or Capitol Caring Health in Falls Church. Virginia. The Commonwealth of Virginia serves as home base for each of these organizations’ operations. These three organizations all have their primary administrative centers located in the state of Virginia, which is commonly referred to as the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The state of Virginia, which together is referred to as the Commonwealth of Virginia, is home to the administrative headquarters of all three of these organizations. The Commonwealth of Virginia is home to the headquarters of each of these illustrious organizations, which are known for their contributions to the fields of study to which they are committed. Both of these are areas in which Virginia is often regarded as a frontrunner on the national stage.