Felicity Morton Obituary, Felicity Morton reportedly passed away

Felicity Morton Death, Obituary – Since something that has occurred, we are sending this communication to you with exceedingly heavy hearts because it concerns something that has transpired. It is a devastating and disturbing occasion for all of us that our good friend and fellow Willow employee Felicity Morton, who was more often referred to as “Fliss,” passed away.

During the time that Fliss was staying at Willow, she never lacked visitors, and we are certain that a vast number of other people must also be grieving her passing. In the midst of our struggle to come to terms with this unanticipated loss, the Willow family will move forward with extreme caution wherever it is necessary to do so for the sake of the health and safety of our employees.

As always, we would appreciate it if you would show regard for one another and for ourselves. What has brought us pleasure in the past is not something that we will ever be able to completely give up. Everything that we love with all of our hearts eventually becomes a component of who we are. Not only will people remember Fliss for being a dramatist, a fan of iced almond latte, and a highly skilled creative, but they will also remember her for being the most kind and kind of all of us.

She was a feminist, she wrote plays, she liked iced almond lattes, and she was a fan of highly skilled creatives. The suddenness of her death together with the severe brutality with which it was carried out serves as a jarring reminder that none of us are guaranteed even one more day of life. Because of this, we want to encourage you to love deeply, laugh often, and live your life with as much zeal and generosity as Fliss did over the course of the last 21 years. We do this because we want to honor her legacy.