Donald Hundley Obituary, Smithville Lake crash killed Motorcyclist – Death

Donald Hundley Death, Obituary – After spending several days battling for his life in a nearby hospital, the motorbike rider who was involved in an accident at Smithville Lake and was hit as a consequence of the accident has passed away. The accident occurred when he was hit as a result of the accident. As a direct consequence of the collision, the motorcyclist who was riding was injured. The incident occurred while we were at the lake, and we were all present for it.

The motorcyclist was struck as a direct consequence of the accident, which ultimately played a role in the accident that took place after that one. After the incident was investigated, it was determined that the rider who was involved in the accident was Donald J. Hundley, who is 34 years old and is from Kansas City. It was also determined that Mr. Hundley was at fault for the accident. We would like to thank the Clay County Sheriff’s Office for providing us with the aforementioned information, and we ask that you please accept our sincere appreciation for your assistance in this matter.

On September 29, he passed away, and on September 30, after his organs had been removed from his body the day before, they were given to other people as donations. His organs had been donated the day before.