Andrea Thornberry Obituary, Corvallis Oregon car accident Victim – Death

Andrea Thornberry Death, Obituary – On November 4, 2017, at the Trinity Medical Center West in Steubenville, Ohio, Andrea Thornberry, 65, passed away. She had spent a total of 65 years as a citizen of this world. She was 65 years old as she walked out the door. She had experienced a rich life. She considered the Ohio town of Toronto to be her permanent home because it was there that she felt the most at ease.

He was born in the Ohio city of Steubenville on October 21. He is happy that he is not compelled to go to work anymore. James and Olive (Burchfield) Rawson, Andrea Thornberry’s parents, died in 2005, along with her husband Charles A. Thornberry. Charles A. Thornberry married the Rawsons, James and Olive (Burchfield). Andrea Thornberry also lost her husband around this time. Before they both went away, they had been married for a total of 25 years, making it the longest marriage they had ever had.He was born in the city of which the state of Ohio is the location.

He was born on the 21st of October, 1952. Andrea Thornberry was a dedicated member of the Riverview United Methodist Church in Ohio, where she regularly attended services and was actively involved in the organization’s Sunday school programs. Andrea Thornberry at the time considered Ohio to be both her current domicile and her home state. He taught kids in the seventh and eighth grades at Karaffa Middle School in the Toronto City School District for the duration of his career as a teacher, and he is now making the most of his retirement and the freedom it provides him.